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Bad internet and WIFI slowing you down and testing your patience?  We can help!

Never settle for slow internet!

Internet, WIFI and Networking Solutions at your fingertips

What is Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi is a type of networking technology that uses radio waves to transmit data wirelessly over short distances.

Wireless internet has become an integral part of our lives.   Thankfully Wi-Fi has improved much in the last five to ten years, but not necessarily in ways you might think.  So if you are frustrated with your home internet speeds, we have great solutions!

While some people simply go to a store and purchase a better router to get better wireless internet, in our experience we have found that is usually not the right or best answer.

Speaking from experience, I personally invested in a strong home network a few years ago and never even think about slow internet!  Even when my kids invite all their friends over and go outside, or we have a big super bowl party and literally dozens of people using our wireless network, no one has ever complained about our Wi-Fi!

Remember, quality is remembered long after the cost is forgotten. Never settle for slow internet!  We will evaluate your home or location and Wi-Fi usage, and offer the best solutions and value for your living environment.

Make you and your kids’ friends happy and want to come to your home!  Give yourself peace of mind!  It is worth the investment!

There are many factors to consider when upgrading your home Wi-Fi and network.

  • How big is your house or location and how is it laid out?

  • Are there any obstacles in your home or décor such as a chimney that will block or absorb Wi-Fi signal?

  • Are you able to go hardwired instead of wireless?

  • Are you able to go hardwired instead of wireless?

  • How strong is your router?

  • Who is your ISP (internet service provider) and what internet speed are you/should you be getting?

  • Is a MESH network a viable option for you?