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Smart Thermostats

While installing a simple programmable thermostat it is estimated to save over $180 a year on energy costs.

Want to save money on your home energy costs?

Home Automation with Smart Thermostats

Want to save money on your home energy costs?  How about having the ability to set the temperature of your home to a comfortable level before your arrive after being away on vacation?  Want your home temperature to automatically go down during the winter months when you go to bed at night to save money but come on and be toasty warm just as you wake up?

With the home energy prices skyrocketing, homeowners are looking to save money on their home energy costs in any way possible.  A smart thermostat from Sight and Sound Tech Solutions is an excellent, low cost solution to reduce your heating and cooling bill, easily costing under $500 for not only the new thermostat but also quality installation and setup on your smartphone, with all work guaranteed!   Think how quickly it will pay for itself!

While installing a simple programmable thermostat it is estimated to save over $180 a year on energy costs, upgrading to a smart thermostat like Consumer Reports recommended brands Ecobee and the top rated Google Nest can save even more, while also benefitting from an advanced, simple and easy design, and the ability to control it from anywhere!

Take for example the top rated Nest learning thermostat from Google like the one I have had in my house.  While it is one of the more expensive models (usually around $250.00), we like the learning model, because it is one of the simplest, if not the simplest models on the market to use!  It also integrates very easily with your phone and tablets, and is one of the best at saving you money because of its powerful learning and sensing features.  Finally, with its many classic brushed metal color options, most people agree it is one of the best looking smart thermostats with its simple design and quality build.

Why wait any longer to save money?  With our thermostats you can –

  • Save an average of $180 per year on energy costs over a basic, traditional thermostat, plus another estimated 10-15% more with a smart thermostat.

  • Set, change and control your home temperature from anywhere and anytime.  You can give this control to your whole family or anyone you want.  You can even talk to your phone, smart TV or speaker and tell it to adjust your thermostat temperature!!!

  • Have your smart thermostat learn your schedule so that it automatically will adjust your temperature to save you money, even if you forget to adjust it before you leave for the day!

Other companies will simply install the thermostat and then tell you to download the app yourself on your phone and let you struggle to figure it all out and set it up.  With Sight and Sound Tech Solutions we will not only show you how to operate the actual thermostat, but we will also explain how to use the app on your phone and iPad, as well as set up a complete timer program for you!  You will be in control and saving money before you know it!  We are the ultimate thermostat turnkey solution!

One more point… please do not try to install one yourself if you are not familiar with low voltage wiring and heating and cooling systems.  I have had to fix many homeowners’ mistakes after they tried to install one themselves.  Give yourself peace of mind and have us install it.  Remember – Quality is remembered long after the cost is forgotten.

There is a reason for asking these questions!  So, go ahead do some research if you want (and probably get more confused), but consult with us before you make any decision.  We will not only make sure you get the best television and value for YOU, but will deliver, install, mount, and setup your new TV so that it is not only simple to work and easy to use, but also fun to use and enjoyable to watch!  In other words, customized for you!

Just in case you really need to know the origin, Benjamin Franklin is credited with the quote  – “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”